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3D Projection

Passive 3D projection needs a projection surface that retains the polarization to attain the true 3D result. These projection surfaces are specifically designed for passive stereoscopic 3D projection systems. 3D Virtual Grey is designed for front projection and is a flexible vinyl projection surface. 3D Virtual Black is designed for rear projection and is a flexible rear projection surface. Both materials offer a sensational 99% polarisation.

3D Virtual Grey delivers an unheard of 99 percent polar retention.  In the past, the biggest obstacle in passive 3D stereoscopic projection was the ability of the projection screen to retain or “hold” the polarization of the image on the screen. Other major benefits of 3D Virtual Grey include a gain of 1.85 and a full viewing angle of 22 degrees. The material is seamless up to heights of 488 cm. 3D Virtual Grey is a high contrast material that outperforms any other 3D silver surface.

3D Virtual Black® projection screen material is designed exclusively for 3D rear screen applications. Specifically designed and dedicated as a rear screen 3D projection surface, 3D Virtual Black® features breakthrough polarisation preserving properties. 3D Virtual Black® effectively eliminates stereoscopic cross talk or “ghosting” by maintaining 99 percent polarization purity, an industry first for 3D projection. The 3D Virtual Black® surface has the industry’s highest extinction value. The result is a new dimension in 3D passive stereoscopic viewing. Other major benefits of 3D Virtual Black® include a gain of 3.0 and a full viewing angle of 20 degrees. The material is seamless up to heights of 488 cm.