Special Notice: Projectascreens.com is moving to Milestone.com

Our new portal Milestone.com is available, where you can find everything you need from Projecta and other Milestone brands.

The new site provides one place to specify, configure, price, order and track. When you log in, you will be notified immediately of any issues with an order, what the issue is and how it is being resolved. Customers will be able to find out their product status – pricing, availability and more.


Home Entertainment

Regardless of whether you are watching a film at home, gaming or enjoying a concert, a projection screen adds realism and drama. Larger than life and a more intense experience. Special High Contrast screen surfaces give very good black levels to ensure deep life-like colours and greater detail and sharpness to the image. Home Entertainment at its best. The screen needs to be easy to install and operate. As the viewing position from a chair or sofa is generally lower than the seating position in a professional environment, the ideal viewing height is also lower at between 60 and 90 cm. This requirement is satisfied by a higher black border at the top for a retractable screen.