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Arena Electrol (JumboKing RF)

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Projection screen for large scale applications. Available in widths of 7 to 12 metres with a maximum height of 6 metres.

Polichinelle System
In a standard projection screen, the weight of the slat bar, along with other elements, ensures that the projection screen surface is under tension. The polichinelle system reverses the usual situation to achieve the correct tension. With this system, the projection screen surface rolls up around the slat bar which is rolled up with two steel cables. This system can be adjusted both in the case and the slat bar, ensuring that the projection screen surface is smooth and taut under tension.


  • Robust case with a powerful motor and Polichinelle system.
  • The Polichinelle system guarantees safe, taut and horizontal screen fabric even in the largest sizes.
  • The case and the projection screen surface can be made to exactly the right size.
  • Available with Matte White or Matte White Sound projection screen fabric.
  • The JumboKing Electrol is supplied with RF remote control.
  • The screen is mounted using mounting brackets on the top or to the rear of the case. Depending on the length of the case, the screen is supplied with four brackets.
  • The motor is equipped with electric locks to prevent inadvertent unrolling and features thermal overload cut-out.

  • Shorten or reduce the width of the projection screen surface.
  • Shorten the case and shorten or reduce the width of the projection screen surface.
  • Extension of the projection screen surface. If required and technically feasible, Projecta installs a longer projection surface in the case.


View technical specifications based on aspect ratio and screen size.

Aspect ratio
Screen size (h x b) in cm
Viewing size (h x b) in cm
Diagonal (cm)
Diagonal (inch)
Case length
Net weight kg

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