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Projecta GiantScreen Electrol

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Projection screen for large venue applications. Available in widths from 5 to 7 metres.


  • Pre-programmed mechanical final set-up for extending/retracting the projection screen surface makes it quick to install.
  • Robust case with a powerful motor.
  • The projection screen is attached to the wall and/or ceiling using two brackets which can be positioned flexibly. The brackets can be positioned up to one metre from each side.
  • The motor is equipped with electric locks to prevent inadvertent unrolling and features thermal overload cut-out.
  • The underside of the case is open as standard. A closed version can be supplied at additional cost.
  • The case and the projection screen surface can be made to exactly the right size.

  • Shorten or reduce the width of the projection screen surface.
  • Shorten the case and shorten or reduce the width of the projection screen surface.
  • Extension of the projection screen surface. If required and technically feasible, Projecta installs a longer projection surface in the case.


View technical specifications based on aspect ratio and screen size.

Aspect ratio
Screen size (h x b) in cm
Viewing size (h x b) in cm
Diagonal (cm)
Diagonal (inch)
Case length
Net weight kg

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