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Fast-Fold® Deluxe

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Portable folding tensioned screen up to 427 cm in width for use at any location.


  • The frame and screen surface can be custom made to exactly the right size.
  • The Fast-Fold® Deluxe consists of a folding aluminium frame (32 x 32 mm), two detachable legs and a detachable projection screen fabric which can be attached to the frame by snaps.
  • Projection screen fabrics are seamless.
  • The Matte White projection screen fabric includes black backing as standard.
  • Lightweight hinged frame which is easy to set up without the use of tools.
  • The frame height is adjustable to any required viewing height by increments of 15 cm.
  • The Fast-Fold® Deluxe is supplied in a sturdy plastic travel case on wheels as standard.
  • Drapery Presentation Kit, which is easy to attach to the frame, is available separately.
  • Flexibility for use in front or rear application with Matte White, Da-Tex®, Dual Vision and Ultra Wide Angle attachable projection surfaces.

  • Shortened frame and projection screen fabric for fixed frame screens. We can also modify the frame and projection screen surface of our fixed frame range to suit the installation needs.
  • Black anodised finish. For a situation where the frame of the screen should not be noticed, the (Heavy Duty) Fast-Fold® Deluxe is available with a black anodised finish.
  • Borders can be optionally supplied in white.


View technical specifications based on aspect ratio and screen size.

Aspect ratio
Screen size (h x b) in cm
Viewing size (h x b) in cm
Diagonal (cm)
Diagonal (inch)
Case length
Net weight kg

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