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Series 200 / Series 300

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Heavy duty lace and grommet tensioned screen up to 27 metres wide, either straight or curved.


  • The frame is constructed of aluminium tubing with pre-mounted and pre-positioned tensioning cords and hooks for easy mounting which are concealed by the velvet edging.
  • The frame can be attractively finished with a black velvet edging, whereby the black velvet prevents reflection and serves to absorb projected light.
  • The Series 200 and 300 are custom made as standard.
  • Suitable for any situation requiring special projection solutions, including custom shapes and sizes such as circles, trapezoid shapes and triangles.
  • The curved version can be supplied with any degree of curvature based on a single axis.
  • The tubing diameter for the Series 200 is 5.1 cm with screens available up to a width of 9 metres.
  • The screen’s robust tubular construction keeps the fabric taut, making it possible for the screen to be suspended freely from a truss construction during large events.
  • The screen is also well suited for wall mounting and can even be mounted on legs.
  • The tubing diameter for the Series 300 is 7.6 cm with screens available up to a width of 27 metres.
  • The curved Series 200 or 300 is ideal for simulation and demonstration applications.
  • The screen can be optionally packed in robust plastic travel cases on wheels.

  • Shortened frame and projection screen fabric for fixed frame screens. We can also modify the frame and projection screen surface of our fixed frame range to suit the installation needs.

View technical specifications based on aspect ratio and screen size.

Aspect ratio
Screen size (h x b) in cm
Viewing size (h x b) in cm
Diagonal (cm)
Diagonal (inch)
Case length
Net weight kg

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