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High resolution projection surfaces

HD Progressive Screen Surfaces

The chemical formula for our HD Progressive line of projection surfaces is designed to perfectly reflect and preserve the image being projected.

As projection advances the surface becomes more important. We research the science of surface with an in-house team of dedicated chemists. By studying the physics of light and experimenting with the science of surface we’ve discovered a better way. Behind each Surface is a proprietary, environmentally friendly chemical formula.

Color Fidelity
We hold ourselves to the highest standard when it comes to color fidelity. All of our surfaces are individually tested and color measured to ensure each surface will preserve the true color of the projector

Image Uniformity
It is imperative that the surface reflects light in a manner that maintains the uniformity of the image being projected.

Surface Granularity
The clarity of an image is in the microscopic details. Our vinyl technology ensures a premium surface, free of microscopic dips or grooves, so that every pixel is preserved.

When you look closely at a projection screen surface, many surfaces look like varying grains of sandpaper and others  have microscopic variations on the surface. This causes pixel loss and “noise” in the image because the surface  isn’t able to perfectly reflect the projected image. As projection resolution advances, pixel preservation becomes  much more important to preserve the clarity of your image. The chemistry behind a HD Progressive surface is formulated to create a surface free of microscopic variances allowing the screen to essentially disappear. The result is brilliant light, vibrant color and the best surface for HD, 4K and Ultra HD projection.