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Cleaning solutions

Finally! A safe way to remove stains from projection screen fabric: BrightSight

By introducing a special cleaning fluid for projection screens, Projecta is offering screen users and fitters a helping hand. Until recently, cleaning projection screen fabric thoroughly and safely was no easy task. Projecta BrightSight now finally makes it easy and safe to clean projection screen fabric.

The secret of good image reproduction is for an important part due to the projection screen fabric's special coating. This is what gives a screen its unique reflective properties. If a stain needs to be removed from the projection screen fabric, it is always important that this reflective coating is not damaged. Water alone is not sufficient for removing stains or deposits. Aggressive cleaning products are no use as they can cause irreparable damage to the fabric. There were really no good, safe alternatives. This was enough to prompt Projecta to look for a solution.

Unique composition
BrightSight is the first effective and safe cleaning system for projection screen fabric. BrightSight is a completely new fluid which is based on alcohol and to which a number of special cleaning ingredients have been added. This special composition makes BrightSight particularly mild and gives it a powerful cleaning ability. Grease and deposits are removed in an instant by spraying a little freshly fragranced BrightSight on to the screen and then wiping clean with a clean cloth. Now any projection screen fabric can be thoroughly and safely cleaned in no time.

BrightSight is extra easy to use as it is available in a handy 0.5-litre spray bottle. There are three bottles per pack. BrightSight is an ideal aid for any projection screen fitter.