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Accessories for operating

Easy Install is one of the innovations from Projecta, the European leader in projection screens. The variable hanging system ensures that the Projecta projection screens will now be even easier to install. Easy Install results in major time savings and this naturally also results in a reduction in the costs of installation.

Easy Install is an absolute improvement in the ease of installation, both for the professional market as well as for Home Cinema applications. Thanks to the plug & play installation, consumers may also easily install an electrical projection screen in their own homes. Easy Install reinforces Projecta’s role as an innovator in the market for professional projection and Home Cinema solutions.

Simplicity and ease
The principle behind Easy Install is simple. First two brackets are mounted to the wall or ceiling, and then the screen may be easily slid into the brackets and secured with screws. Even the largest screens may be quickly and easily installed using this system.

Flexible choice for drill holes
Thanks to Easy Install, the screen width no longer determines the position of the points of suspension. The mounting brackets may be mounted to the wall or ceiling within 50 cm of the two ends of the screen. It is also possible to make corrections either to the left or right after hanging. This means the end of fixed drilling measurements. A Projecta projection screen is now even easier to install and always hangs perfectly in no time.

Plug & play accessories
With the plug & play accessories, everyone may easily install an electrical projection screen: connect the plug to the screen, conceal the wiring neatly in the end caps, and the projection screen is ready to use.