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Electric Built-in Screens

Projecta presents a full range of built-in projection solutions

Projecta makes the most of your presentation room
Appearances count! That is why, when developing its products, Projecta is very conscious of the way your presentation room looks. And this means, of course, no concessions are made to the audio-visual presentation technology, which must be of the highest possible standard. By introducing two electrical fixed projector screens to be built into the ceiling, Projecta has once again achieved its goal in an exceptional way. Virtually invisible installation ensures that the result is highly pleasing to the eye. Special features and high-grade options will surprise even the most pampered consumer.

Tensioned Descender (RF) Electrol and Descender (RF) Electrol
The Tensioned Descender (RF) Electrol and Descender (RF) Electrol screens deliver outstanding image reproduction quality. There is nothing that gives these built-in projector screens presence away as they are installed fully flush with the ceiling with a hermetically sealed feed-through aperture. In the Descender Electrol model, the screen’s lower bar serves to close the casing aperture.

The range of built-in projector screens also offers a large number of possibilities in terms of operation and application, made possible by the many different options for integration with a complete AV system. The Easy Service system of the fixed projector screens ensures that both the motor and screen fabric remain accessible after installation. In order to meet the very highest demands, the Tensioned Descender (RF) Electrol and the Descender Electrol can be custom-made to size with a selection of various high-quality screen fabrics.