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Electric Wall and Ceiling Mounted Screens

The electric projector screens from Projecta are ideal when heavy demands are placed on the projection screen. The electric projector screens are equipped with an excellent quality projection screen fabric and a roll mechanism that guarantees a perfectly flat-hanging screen fabric under any circumstances. The integrated quiet and strong motors are supplied standard with a five year guarantee.


Easy Install mounting system
The Easy Install screens are supplied standard with the flexible mounting system for optimal ease of installation such as the Elpro Concept.
Complete range with integrated remote control
Several electric projector screens have an integrated remote control. The Elpro Concept RF and  Compact RF Electrol have an integrated radio frequency (RF) remote control.
Equipped with black case and/or border
All Projecta electric projector screens are equipped with a black border (and/or case) that increases the perceived clarity of the projected image.

The flattest projection surface
The flattest projection surface may be obtained with the Tensioned Elpro Concept, which allows the electric projector screen fabric to be tightened horizontally as well as vertically thanks to special tensioned cords.