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terms & conditions
www.PROJECTASCREENS.COM • +31 (0) 495 580 840 • emea.sales
Prices are subject to change without notice. Orders are priced
at the pricing in effect on the date your purchase order was received.
To guarantee pricing for a specific period, customer must obtain a
written quotation from Projecta. Projecta only sells directly to authorized
Projecta dealers and distributors. Possession of said price book does
not constitute an offer to sell.
All accounts are due and payable in funds
according to the terms of the invoice.
Because of the specific nature of our products and our
commitment to entering and shipping orders accurately, we prefer that
orders be placed in writing via a purchase order and sent to us via fax
(+31 495 580 845) or via e-mail (
Customers will receive an E-mail confirmation
of their order within 5 hours of receipt of purchase order or at end
working day max. within 24 hours. If you do not receive a confirmation
of your order, please contact us as it is possible we did not receive
your original order. Please review the confirmation to ensure Projecta
has recorded the details of the transaction as you expected and notify
Projecta of any discrepancies immediately.
Because expedited orders begin the production
and shipping fulfillment process immediately upon receipt and entry of
purchase order, it is frequently not possible to change orders.
Other orders will be changed as possible. Contact Customer Service at
+31 495 580 840 and they will work through an alternative solution with
you. In all cases, the customer is responsible for incremental charges
incurred because of the change.
Most of Projecta’s products can be customized
to fit your specific applications. Contact Customer Service for additional
information and pricing. Orders for large quantities of products may
also be considered a special order. Any special order or custom product
not normally carried in inventory cannot be returned.
Projecta is constantly
developing new products and making improvements to existing ones;
therefore, we reserve the right to revise or change specifications,
designs and model numbers and to discontinue models without notice.
All promises of delivery are made in good faith and every
reasonable effort is made to see that delivery schedules are met.
However, if Projecta is unable to meet a schedule due to factors beyond
our control such as, but not limited to, failure of our suppliers to meet
their promised dates or weather related delivery delays, Projecta
will not be responsible for significant or specific damage. Significant
or specific damages may be, but are not limited to, express shipping
method charges or installation delay charges. Contact the Projecta
Customer Service team for assistance with freight estimates specific
to your needs. Delivered prices do not include any type of extraordinary
charges such as lift gate requirements, inside delivery charges,
residential charges or other nonstandard charges.
Depending on the Inco-term. It is the
customer’s responsibility to immediately open and inspect all packages
and, in the event there is any damage or shortages, file a claim
with the freight company. Please contact Projecta Customer Service
at +31 495 580 840 to get contact information about the specific freight
company used and to discuss receiving a replacement product. Keep
the damaged product in its original packaging and carton. Unless
concealed damage is reported to the Carrier and Projecta immediately,
there is no recourse. The customer will be charged for any replacement
product as the eventual credit will come directly from the carrier via
the claim filed.
All merchandise returned to Projecta
must be returned with prior authorization and a Return Authorization
number provided by Customer Service. Projecta will provide Return
Authorization only for those products purchased directly from Projecta.
Consumers or dealers purchasing through a third party must request
returns through that third party and are subject to that entity’s return
policies and charges. Defective or product received incorrectly due to
an error on Projecta’s part will be credited to your account in full.
In situations where the dealer needs to return merchandise due to
a change in its project/equipment or due to ordering incorrectly,
a restock charge will apply as follows.
Projecta provides a limited 5 year warranty on
the Elpro Concept range and a limited 2 year warranty on all other
products. The warranty on the motor of electrical screens is 5 year.
All warranties are in effect beginning the date the product was invoiced
by Projecta.
Exclusions from the warranty: Every effort is made to ensure that
your new Projecta projection screen remains trouble free. Of course,
some items are beyond Projecta’s control and are not covered by this
warranty. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable, law, the
following items are not covered by this warranty: Damage as a result of
transport, falls or blows during transport, or shipping after purchase.
The costs of the return transport as a result of the guarantee claim.
Small scratches, marks, slight surface curvature of other minor
imperfections in the fabric. Defects or damage which have arisen as
a result of improper, use, misuse or use by unauthorized persons, or
due to the failure to follow indications from these instructions for use.
Damage or defects resulting from inadequate installation / mounting of
the projection screen to the wall or ceiling. Damage or defects resulting
from electrical connections made for the projection screens which
were not in accordance with the instructions for use. Normal wear and
tear (e.g., natural fading, etc). Discoloration of the projection screen
surface, resulting from use in rooms with considerable atmospheric
pollution. For example dusty rooms and/or rooms in which smoking
is permitted. Damage, discoloration of the lacquer or the projection
screen surface corrosion resulting from exposure to humidity or a
corrosive environment. Damage or defects as a result of vandalism,
fire, earthquakes, floods or other natural disaster, war or armed
conflicts. Damage or defects which have arisen as a result of the use of
the projection screen in installations or operating systems other than
those accessories which are supplied with the projection screen.
Damage or defects resulting from the application of non-original parts
repairs performed by third parties. Failures due to product modifications.
Liquid infiltration other than as a result of a defect in manufacturing or
materials. Incidental and consequential damage. Any cost associated
with the use of installation materials such as scaffolding or lifts. Mold
and mildew due to improper (maintaining) household humidity levels.