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Active 3D
Active 3D involves a single projector rapidly alternating between
displaying the left eye image and the right eye image.
The frequency is coordinated with a pair of shuttered glasses
which block the light to the opposite eye at the same rate.
With active 3D it isn’t necessary to use a projection surface
with polarisation retention.
Ambient Light
Ambient light is the amount of unwanted light in a room that can
affect the projection in a negative way. Ambient light can come
from windows or from room lighting.
Lumen is the unit of luminous flux, a measure of the power of light
perceived by the human eye and the light output of projectors.
The unit of measure is Lumens. The standardization for this
measurement has been established by the American National
Standards Institute (ANSI).
Aspect Ratio
An aspect ratio is the relationship between the width and height
of an image. Common aspect ratios are Video (4:3), HDTV (16:9),
Wide (16:10), Cinemascope (2.35:1) and Square (1:1).
Black Drop
Black Drop is the extended black border above the viewing area
used to position the viewing area at a the appropriate height.
Brightness is an attribute of visual perception in which the
projection screen reflects light.
Contrast is the difference between the brightest white and the
darkest black.
Easy Serviceability System
The motor and screen surface of the projection screen are
accessible for maintenance and service without uninstalling
the screen casing.
Edge Blending
A setup with multiple projectors projecting a single source
creating a single image.
Gain is a measure of reflection performance. Gain is related to
a universal reference standard: Magnesium Carbonate (MgCO3).
Rather than absorbing light, MgCO3 reflects projected light back
with perfect evenness.
Hot Spot
A hot spot occurs when the light of the projector is centered
on the projection screen creating a brighter area.
Hot spotting is the opposite of uniform projection.
IR: Infrared
Wireless control via Infrared wavelengths are used to operate the
projection screen. The receiver has to be placed into sight of the
remote control.
Keystone Correction
Distortion created by the angle of the projected image can be
corrected by tilting the angle of the projection screen.
Lux is the perceived amount of light that is reflected by the
projection screen.
Overall Dimensions
The overall dimensions of a projection screen are the dimensions
of the projection surface including the borders.
Passive 3D
Passive 3D uses polarising filters and a projection surface with
polarisation retention to separate the two different signals.
Passive 3D is often realised using two projectors, one for each
eye’s information.
Potential Free Contacts
Potential free contacts refer to a contact of a relay which does not
make or break a current. Usually some other relay or device has
the job of starting or stopping the current.
RAL is a colour matching system used in Europe.
RF: Radio Frequency
Wireless control via Radio Frequency is used to operate the
projection screen. The receiver can be placed out of sight of the
remote control. The range of RF is 20 metres through walls.
Recommended Standard 232 is a standard for serial binary data
and control signals commonly used in computer serial ports.
Parabolic curves on both the left and right side enable a vinyl front
or rear projection screen surface to be perfectly flat and
retractable. The parabolic curves are calculated in relationship to
the size of the screen. Tab-tensioning allows for the flattest
possible projection screen surface in a retractable screen.
An even distribution of light on a projection screen. Uniformity is
essential for an even image with a wide viewing angle in the
desired direction.
Viewing Angle
The viewing angle of a projection screen fabric indicates the
maximum angle at which the projected image is still clearly visible.
Viewing Area
The viewing area of a projection screen is the available area for
projection within the borders.