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A flat surface for image projection
A projection screen will give a flat and dedicated area for reflecting the
projected image toward the audience without effecting the content. This is
vital to achieve a focused and detailed projected image.
A large image size
With projection you can achieve very large sizes for very large audiences,
and we produce projection screens to match the impressive capabilities
of the most sophisticated projectors.
A uniform image
An even distribution of light on a projection screen is known as “good
uniformity” in projection terminology. Uniformity is essential for an even
image with a wide viewing angle in the desired direction.
Projection screens are the final element in the
chain of audio visual installation projects.
They are necessary to achieve the highest quality
projected image. Projection on another surface or
material will give some sort of image, but it will
never provide the bright and uniform reflection a
projection screen guarantees.
Our projection screens are available with a wide
choice of projection surfaces. Each projection
surface has its own features that improve or retain
the projected image to specifically deal with the
various projection challenges.
Projection surfaces have a reflective coating
which will direct the projected light towards the
audience and ensure an even distribution of light.
This makes selecting the correct projection
surface an essential part of planning an audio
visual installation.
Why you need
a projection screen
A projection screen ensures the following essential results: