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dry erase projection screens
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Panoramic: 366 cm to 488 cm widths
Superior projection quality surface with magnetic dry erase
marker board functionality.
Sizes: 146 to 208 cm width
Dry Erase
Projection Screens
Dry Erase Screen Magnetic
Three panel design to cover large walls. The center panel is
formatted for projection with side panels for collaborative
writing space.
Sizes: 366 cm, 427 cm and 488 cm standard
widths in 91 cm and 117 cm heights
Dry Erase Screen Panoramic
• The Projecta Dry Erase Screen is a
revolutionary dual-purpose projection screen
and writable marker board combination.
A unique projection screens that provides
the functionality of a dry erase board without
sacrificing the ability to display a clear and
vibrant image.
• The Dry Erase Screen is designed to be wall
mounted and will integrate seamlessly into
any classroom, training room or meeting
space where both a projection screen and
dry erase surface are required.
• The Dry Erase Screen is designed to be used
with interactive short throw projectors.
• What makes this screen exceptional is that it
has a superior projection surface that can be
written on with dry erase markers.
• The projection surface has professional
features such as a gain of 2.5 and 50 degree
viewing angle, which practically eliminates
the ambient light glare and hotspot that are
known with standard whiteboards.
• The Dry Erase Screen has a sleek extruded
brushed aluminum color frame finish and
ships with a convenient tray for storage of
markers, erasers and interactive tools.
• The included wall mount features a quick
connect easy install method and low profile
• A dry erase marker kit, which contains four
markers and a cleaning cloth.