Pagina 17 - Projecta Catalogue 2014 EN

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Shorten or reduce the width of the
­projection screen surface.
Shorten the case and shorten or reduce
the width of the projection screen surface.
Paint the case, slat bar and plastic
components in a different RAL colour.
When the screen needs to match a specific
colour scheme, Projecta can paint the case
in any colour specified.
Reverse installation of the surface so that
the projection side is located to the rear.
Specify this method when the projection
screen surface needs to exit the case
reversely because the normal screen path
is obstructed by an obstacle or because
the case is to be mounted to a beam.
Projection screen without black borders.
Extension of the projection screen
If required and technically feasible,
Projecta installs a longer projection
surface in the case.
Elpro Concept
45 cm
220 cm