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Easy Install Mounting
and Connectivity
Easy Install
With Easy Install, begin by positioning the
two brackets on a wall or ceiling. The
brackets may be positioned within 50 cm of
either end of the casing. This flexibility in
installation gives the option to select the
best and strongest position for the
brackets. When the brackets are fixed to
the wall or ceiling the projection screen is
easily ‘clicked’ into the brackets. A screw
secures the screen to each bracket
finishing a quick and safe installation.
Installing a projection screen was never as easy as it
is with Easy Install. Save time and money with the
unparalleled ease of mounting the projection screen
and connecting it to a power source or accessory.
Easy Install
The end cap on the left-hand side of the
screen is easily removable, providing
access to the Easy Install plug. This plug
can be connected to the supplied power
cord offering a quick and safe electrical
connection. This plug-and-play system can
also be used to connect the Easy Install
accessories for control and operation. With
the Easy Install accessories, a motorised
projection screen can be wired for any
method of operation or connected to a
control system.
Accessing a projection screen to make
adjustments and complete maintenance
has been made installer friendly by
Projecta. The motor and screen surface
remain accessible even when the
projection screen is installed in a ceiling.
The bottom panel can be lowered and
remains connected to the casing by two
steel cables.