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These projection surfaces are tensioned on four sides to attain a
perfectly flat surface and used in projection screens in which the
material is tensioned.
High Contrast Cinema Vision (HCCV)
This screen surface is a great choice when video images are
the main source of information being projected and where
ambient lighting is moderately controlled. With its specially
designed grey base surface and a reflective top surface, this
screen material is able to provide very good black levels
without sacrificing the white level output. With its enhanced
black levels and brilliant white levels, this screen surface
provides deep life-like colours and greater detail and
sharpness to the image. The High Contrast Cinema Vision
projection surface ensures a drastic improvement of contrast
display for any projector. This is a vinyl-based surface.
Matte White
Matte White is one of the most versatile screen surfaces for
precise image reproduction that provides an exceptionally wide
viewing angle and no resolution loss. Its versatility makes it a
great choice for situations with good control over ambient light
and where an exceptionally wide viewing angle is necessary.
This is a vinyl-based surface.
Matte White Sound
Designed for applications where a more realistic soundstage is
desired, this surface allows for speakers to be placed behind the
screen. With virtually no sound loss and good image quality, this
surface provides the same optical characteristics as the Matte
White surface with special perforations to allow sound to pass
through the screen material. This is a vinyl-based surface.
Matte White High Gain
Matte White High Gain is a material with black backing. The
projection screen fabric has a special top coat for enhanced
reflection. This makes it particularly suitable for rooms with high
ambient light levels or a projector with a low light output. This
increased reflection does, however, result in a more narrow
viewing angle. This is an acetate-based surface.
This screen surface is specially designed with a reflective
coating, which provides an increased amount of brightness
with a moderately reduced viewing angle. The increased gain
of this surface makes it suitable for environments where
ambient lighting is uncontrollable and a projector with
moderate light output is utilised. This is a vinyl-based surface.
Tensioned Flexible Projection Surfaces
for Front Projection
Special Projection Surfaces
for Front Projection